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Understand the kinetics of horse and rider
  Back to Basics: To Bring the Head Down, You Must First Lift the Back
The Biomechanics of Balanced Riding from TrailBlazer Magazine
  For Better Balance, Forget About Your Horse's Headset
Focus on self-carriage and leave the head alone

Riding and Training Theory & Practice

Explore ways to deepen your relationship with your horse, understand your horse's and your own body mechanics, and learn to appreciate the sublties of the horse/human partnership ...
General Topics   Longe Your Horse In Balance Series
  Ride Outside the Box
Trade That Artificial Frame for True Self-carriage
Longe Your Horse with Intention article  

Longe Your Horse With Intention
Time spent teaching a horse to correctly carry himself pays off in the long run

Beyond the Dominance Paradigm article   Beyond the Dominance Paradigm  
Build training techniques on cooperation instead of force
Learn to Longe Your Horse Part 1 Article  

Teach Your Horse to Longe From the Ground Up
Longeing in Balance Part 1: preparation for longing in correct posture

Preview or Buy the Virtual Lesson

  No Pain, All Gain
Meeting the Needs of Our Equine Teachers

Bending for Straightness
Longeing in Balance Part 2: Ground Exercises to Help Your Horse Hold a Circle

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  Tuning In to the Small Stuff
Makes All the Difference
Time spent on connection pays off

Access the Elements of Self-Carriage
Longeing in Balance Part 3: More Ground Exercises to Help Your Horse Hold a Circle

Preview or Buy the Virtual Lesson

  Two for One: Free-Longe Your Horses in Pairs
Save time, vary your training program
  The Pendulum - Rock Back to Move Forward
Longeing in Balance Part 4: Teach your horse to load his hindquarters in preparation for forward motion
  Train Your Horse to Respond, Not React
Are you training your horse to reason or to react?
  Longeing on a Short Line
Longeing In Balance Part 5: Build Straight Circles In Hand

Acquiescence or Agreement: Parallels Between the Business World and Horse Training
Part I: Dominance + Submission does not = Partnership
Part II: Leaders Lead, Bosses Fail

    Get in the Swing
Longeing In Balance Part 6: Waggle that Hindquarter to Engage the Engine

The Bodywrap FOr Self-CArriage

  Invite Your Horse Into Self-Carriage
The TTEAM Bodywrap
    More Ways to Encourage Self-Carriage With the Bodywrap
Customize the wrap to address specific posture & movement issues
  Bodywrap Basics: The Figure-8 Wrap
How to put on a simple bodywrap

Yoga for Your Horse
  Don't Sacrifice Suppleness for Strength
Yoga for Your Horse: Exercise 1
  Backing is Forward Motion in Reverse
Yoga for Your Horse: Exercise 2
  Teach Those Shoulders To Reach
Yoga for Your Horse: Exercise 3

True Horse Stories
Rehabbing horses and riders, told in series form
  The Diary of Prince Charming:
The Story of a Foundered Horse Rehabilitated to Soundness
  Doc's Life or Death Decision
The day-to-day account of a rehab horse facing an important deadline
  Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist
The lesson journal of Judith Tarr

Health and Wellbeing Articles
Bodywork, Rehab and Holistic Horse Care Information
  For Your Horse's Health: Detox and Tonic
Would adding herbs to your horse's health program be a benefit?
  Rehabbing or Reschooling?
Does your horse need rehab? Or is he a candidate for reschooling?
  What's in Your Barn First Aid Kit?
Assemble Your Traditional and Alternative Necessities
  Fly Spray Away!
Do you really know what's in your fly spray?

  Spring Cleaning for Your Horse
Dealing with cannon scurf
    Safe, Effective Fly Control That's Inexpensive, Too
Fly predators are the best

desert Horse Recommends
Book Reviews
  A Healthy Horse the Natural Way by Catherine Bird
  Equine Fitnesss
A Conditioning Program of Exercises & Routines for Your Horse
by Jec Aristotle Ballou
  Silver Dreams
by Sondra Rice Newman

Protect yourself from internet scams
Buyer, Seller and Donor Beware
  Horse Internet Scams
Steal Trust As Well As Money

Do you know about the most common horse-related internet scams?

Beware Internet-based Scams
Be careful when you sell horses, equipment and services online

  Horse Saviors or Scam Artists?
Is the horse rescue you're supporting really helping horses or is someone pocketing the profits?

Guest Authors

I Get So Mad Every Time My Horse ___________! 
How to transform your equine partner into a mount you can enjoy and appreciate every time you ride.

  Feet on the Ground: It’s All in the Balance
An excerpt from "Understanding Stallions Part II" by Kip Mistral
  Making Decisions Today ...
To More Calmly Face an Inevitable Future

Preparing for the death of an equine companion
    Why I Don't Do Natural Horsemanship Anymore
How a new training method took a toll on a novice rider and her horse

No Shoes, No Horse? Not Necessarily.
The realities of transitioning a shod horse to barefoot.

  Living With a Cribber
What happens when your beloved horse turns out to have a much maligned vice?
  The Black Diamond: Inspiration from Ranger
An essay about the magic of seeing beneath the surface
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