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Rider Biomechanics Coaching

Improve balance and stability while learning to move more freely with your horse. Lessons, clinics, intensives.

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Why attend a clinic or work with Stacey? Here's one client's report of the results of just one lesson ...

"The things we worked on while I was with you last time really helped me make some significant strides in my riding - particularly improving my balance and center. It's kind of stupifying, actually. I crossed a threshold  with my new guy, Cato. He's much less accommodating than my other horses re:  lack of balance and centeredness. When I 'got it,' our saddle time transformed. He is now opening his throatlatch, holding a beautiful frame, and man - can that guy trot out! Thank you so much for giving me the aha! I needed to come back and work with my trainer. Last lesson, she had tears in her eyes!"

Amanda Madorno
Management Consultant
Endurance Rider
Seattle, Washington

Professional Services and Clinic Rates

Horse owners learn basic equine massage and bodywork techniques

Hands-On Horsemanship

An experienced trainer's perspective on methods any horse owner can use to help horses work well and happily.

RideAware Rider Body Awareness

Intensive riding clinics focused on specific skills, such as sitting the trot with ease and comfort, and unmounted workshops designed to increase your body awareness off the horse and help you make the most of your mounted time.


RideAware Rider Body AwarenesS

Unique unmounted clinics that help riders gain insight into how their own balance and body awareness issues might be affecting their riding. Combines yoga matwork specifically designed for riders plus "horseless riding" exercises that examine balance and movement from the horse's point of view.

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Kinetic Bodywork

Gentle in-hand ground exercises that help your horse move freely and comfortably at any gait, choosing elastic self-carriage over soundness-destroying imbalance.
Think of it as yoga and pilates for your horse!

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The Horseless Riding Lesson

Awareness exercises to help riders of all ability levels experience kinesthetically the differences posture and balance make in a horse's movement and self-carriage. Participants have a chance to "be" the horse in a variey of situations, and "horse" and "rider" get the unique opportunity to share their experiences verbally.


Yoga With Horses for riders

Balance and flexibility exercises with, on and for horse. Improve your ability to identify and isolate which parts of your body need to work and which need to be quiet when when you sit the trot, do lateral work, ride smooth transitions and more.

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Yoga With Horses for Everyone

Horse-Assisted Yoga for Subtle Integration, geared toward healers and yoga teachers

Horse-Assisted Yoga for Personal Transformation for anyone looking for deeper connections, insight and intuition.


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See something that interests you, but it's not on the schedule? Why not host a clinic at your public barn or home stable? We'll work with you to customize a session to your wants and needs. You can combine elements of most of the workshops listed above to shape your clinic experience to meet specific learning goals.

For example, what about a day that starts with basic bodywork horse owners can do for their animals and ends with mounted sessions where riders get to feel how much the bodywork helps the horse's movement and attitude? Or a morning of experimenting with balance and feel in the Horseless Riding Lesson, then taking those insights to the back of your horse for an afternoon of mounted exploration?
Contact Stacey to discuss the possibilities!




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