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Step-by-step illustrated ground and mounted exercises
for balance, ease and brilliance

Would you like to learn to help your horse develop the balance and posture necessary to perform ground and under- saddle exercises with balance, ease and brilliance? And would you like to do that with positive training techniques based on the realities of anatomy and biomechanics?

If your answer is "Yes!" you should try our Virtual Lesson Series, a multi-part progression of exercises that teach you and your horse how to release, relax and move correctly through the work that forms the basis of all riding disciplines. You'll get rounder circles, straighter lines and smoother transitions - and you and your horse will be working together physically and mentally.

Longeing in Balance
Lesson 1

Teach Your Horse to Balance From the Ground Up

Preparation for longeing - and other work - in correct posture

Longeing in Balance
Lesson 2

for Straightness

Ground exercises to help your horse hold a circle

Longeing in Balance
Lesson 3

Access the Elements of Self-Carriage

More ground exercises to help your horse hold a circle

Longeing in Balance
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Longe Your Horse with Intention article

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Lessons 1, 2 and 3

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Purchase with your credit card
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In the first series, Longeing in Balance, trainer and rehabber Stacey Kollman guides you through a progressive exploration of your horse's balance habits and the postural choices that determine how he moves. Each virtual lesson takes you step by step through an easy-to-learn set of ground exercises that enable you to evaluate your horse's flexibility, balance and movement habits and to make subtle but very effective changes. And each session is illustrated with photos of every movement, showing you where to place your hands, how to orient your body and what your horse will look like doing the work.

Following the Desert Horse training philosophy, each of these exercises is rooted in Stacey's extensive study of anatomy and biomechanics and designed to be a positive experience for you and your horse. This work helps you start a constructive dialogue with your horse in which you start to ask, "When I do this with my body, what is the easiest thing for you to do with yours?" You'll learn to help horses of any age or breed make good balance choices and you'll build your relationship with your horse while you create correct self-carriage.

Though the exercisesin the first virtual lesson series are structured to help horses work more correctly on a longe line and at liberty in a roundpen, the basic skills of developing self-carriage apply to any work you might ask of your horse whether you ride Western or English, if you show or ride for pleasure. This series forms the basis for more advanced work, on the ground and under saddle.

The second series, Carrying a Rider in Balance, will provide a direct link between the ground exercises practiced in the first series and mounted variations designed to produce the same balance and self-carriage.

For only $24.95 - less than half the price of a single private lesson - you'll receive Stacey's step-by-step illustrated instructions to guide you through a progression of ground exercises that will benefit and enlighten you and your horse. And each session is yours to refer to as often as you like while you explore the fascinating nuances of balance, posture and movement with your equine partner. In many of the lessons you'll see photos of Stacey's students enjoying the work they describe as "Dancing With My Horse" or "Yoga for My Horse."

Still not sure this type of work is right for you and your horse? You have two FREE methods to preview the information contained in these virtual lessons before you buy. First, the informational articles on which these virtual lessons are based are available to you ABSOLUTELY FREE on this site. Second, you can watch a FREE PREVIEW of each virtual lesson before you decide to buy the full, illustrated session.


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