Energy, Intention and the Subtle Art


Every living being, including horses and people, has a measurable energy field with a definable boundary and specific frequency. When living beings interact, these energy fields come into contact – meshing and providing information to each. That means we are all recieving and transmitting non-verbal information all the time. Understanding and working with this energy can help us to better "speak" with our equine partners, who are masters of the subtle art of this type of communication.

What if your interaction with your horses was based more on an intentional and fluent use of body language, which horses "speak" quite fluently, and less on a simplistic dominance:submission equation? Can horses and humans learn to communicate in a more sophisticated way that encompasses the black-and-white contrast of traditional dominance-based training techniques, but also makes room for those grey areas of more nuanced and deeper connection?

If your answer to the latter is "yes!" or even "maybe," this intensive is for you. Come spend a fascinating afternoon exploring the subtle energetic connection with horses as applied in a common equestrian exercise – free longeing a horse in a round pen.

This way of working with horses (in this case in a free-longeing exercises) doesn't replace the skills you already have and the methods you currently use. It's just another tool in your toolbox, refining the traditional horse-handling skills all experienced horsemen and -women use regularly and giving you options to explore with a wide range of horses.

What will you gain by attending this special session?

  Feel in your own body how non-verbal information is both received and transmitted
  Experience a subtle energetic connection with both people and horses
  Expand your horse-handling skills to include more subtle forms of communication
  Explore ways you can do less and achieve more with your horse

In helping you learn more awareness and understanding of this "body speak," horses can also teach you to approach the non-verbal aspects of human communication more mindfully. So you might find that your human communication skills improve after this session, as well.

This intensive is generally offered by invitation only to current clients. See the schedule for the next one, or contact Stacey to be sure you're invited to the next one or organize an intensive at your barn.




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