Hands-on Horsemanship
Anatomy & BIOMECHANICS Clinics and Lessons for horse owners


Learn simple techniques you can use at home
in a practical program to help maintain soundness, maximize performance
and develop a stronger connection with your horse.

Bodywork can be an important part of the training and management plan for your horse. Knowing some equine anatomy and palpation basics empowers you to maintain your horse's flexibility, balance and comfort and to make choices about training techniques that may interfere with any of these.

With just a few easy-to-learn "tools," you can maximize suppleness and range-of-motion in older bodies and help prevent unnecessary concussion and stiffness from shortening the careers of youngsters. Hands-on work aids riders who are reschooling horses who are stiff and tight from restrictive training techniques and helps maintain horses who carry riders who are still learning balance and stability in the saddle. And you'll have the ability to quickly and mindfully undo training mistakes - soothing overworked muscles, releasing tension and toning underdeveloped muscles.

In addition, spending time with your hands on your horse in an intentional way provides you with useful information. You can detect potential trouble spots before they become full-blown lamenesses and you'll have detailed information to share with your vet or other health-care practitioner.


That's what Desert Horse Equestrian Services' hands-on clinics for horses owners are all about. Depending on the needs and experience of participants, a half-day session might include the following:

  Introductory anatomy & palpation
  Acupressure techniques for relaxation and more
  Ground exercises with the horse in motion to increase awareness of the horse's posture and gaits.
  Gentle Exercises for Stallbound Horses - This session is especially for horse owners facing the challenge of keeping a horse happy and toned during extended recovery from an injury or illness

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