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My approach to riding instruction is based on helping riders of all levels better understand the biomechanics of their own bodies and horses' bodies. We build connection, understanding and communication from the ground up, working at each person's individual pace to create safe, stable, confident riders who have good working partnerships with their horses.

You'll learn to feel and understand subtle signals from the horse and respond in ways that make riding a dance of ease and comfort. You'll fine- tune your own stability in the saddle, exploring the combination of alignment, flexibility and core strength that leads to achieving balance in motion. And you'll discover the depths of connection you can reach with these amazing animals who so effectively act as mirrors of our physical and mental states.

All disciplines welcome, English or Western tack. (Even bareback!)

If you'd like to learn about horses in this way, take advantage of one of the following options:

My "home base" is River Valley Ranch (Harrison/Irvington area):

Riding and groundwork lessons at available for older teens through adults. Beginners of all ages welcome. I have one quality school horse suitable for adult and teen English riders beginner to intermediate and one horse for groundwork and longeing work. Haul-ins also available for a fee.

I also offer equine bodywork sessions by appointment and take in rehab clients at this location.
mail for availability and other information.      (Map) Rates


Southeast Tucson and Vail:

I can also come to your east Tucson and Vail home/barn or any public facility with an "open trainer" policy for riding and groundwork lessons. Schedule to suit your needs: weekly (or more often) lessons or monthly focused intensives.

Groundwork, Bodywork and More

Rider Biomechanics Coaching , Equine Bodywork, Rehab Consulting and Assistance, and Kinetic Groundwork by appointment at your barn or mine in southeast Tucson and Vail.
Email for availability and other information.       Rates


For more ways to form an intentional partnership with horses,
take a look at the variety of fun and informative clinics offered by Desert Horse Equestrian Services.

New! For your convenience, you can now pay for your lessons using PayPal.

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I only refer riders to programs I know well, with instructors I have worked with or observed for a number of years. My priority when referring to a colleague is that she maintain a safe program based on positive reinforcement for students and horses.

For English riding lessons (primarily dressage) in the northwest Tucson area, please contact Cathy Schrieber. Hers is a safe, positive program with school horses for children and adults from beginners to advanced riders in northwest Tucson. She also teaches a limited number of students at their own barns, so inquire about availability of this service. 

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