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Rider rebalancing session

Rider Biomechanics Coaching : A series of ground and mounted awareness exercises that draw the student's attention to subtleties of stance, stability and range of motion. Suitable for all levels of riders and all disciplines.
$75/session private, $70/person/session semi-private. $65/person/session group of three

Riding Lesson: Explore the biomechanics of riding to find stability in the saddle, then explore balance through motion in a way that invites and allows the horse to work in balance and self-carriage. Suitable for all levels of riders and all disciplines.
Introductory Lesson/Rider Rebalancing $75/session private, $70/person/session semi-private
Subsequent Lessons $55/hour private, $50/person/hour semi-private (Prepaid packages available at a discount)

princepole1_2.JPG (38286 bytes)Kinetic Bodywork Lesson: Start with leading exercises that get horse and handler in touch with their bodies, add work that improves suppleness and self-carriage and progress to helping horses work on a longe line or free longe in a correct posture to minimize physical stress.
$55/hour private, $50/person/hour semi-private (Prepaid packages available at a discount)

HANDS-ON HORSEMANSHIP: Anatomy, biomechanics and techniques to help your horse perform his best happily and with longterm soundness. Sessions can be tailored for those who have no prior experience. Private sessions and half-day clinics at your barn or mine.
$55/hour private, $50/person/hour semi-private (Prepaid packages available at a discount)

amy_ride2.JPG (24092 bytes)Riding Intensives: Focused lessons that target your practice and perfection of specific riding skills. For example, you might explore the biomechanics of the sitting trot, learn how easy lateral work can be or ride correct transitions with ease. Instruction tailored to your individual issues.
Private 3-hour intensive: $135 (Group rates – no more than three riders – available on request)

Horseless Riding Lesson: A fascinating series of unmounted exercises that gives riders of all ability levels the chance to experience postural and balance changes from the point of view of the horse. And to receive verbal feedback, because the "horse" in this exercise is a person.
Semi-private three-hour intensive: $85 per person  (Group rates available on request - limit 10 participants)

Sportmassagesmall.JPG (2752 bytes)Equine Sports Massage Session: Work with an experienced equine rehab specialist and bodyworker to address your horse's issues, from general muscle tightness to specific injury rehab.
$75 initial evaluation (appx. 1.5 hours), $55 subsequent one-hour sessions (Prepaid packages available at a discount)

Kinetic Bodywork Session: Combines bodywork and movement to improve flexibility and suppleness, increase range of motion and encourage correct balance and self-carriage. Think of this as yoga for horses!

Note: All lesson fees quoted for riders/handlers providing their own horses. Some facilities also require students to pay a use or haul-in fee. Use of school horses is available in some locations for an additional fee. Be sure to inquire about these additional fees and horse availability when you schedule your session.

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Desert Horse Equestrian Services invites interested horse owners to organize clinics to explore and expand the ways they ride and work with horses. Stacey will personally work with you to custom tailor a clinic to your wants and needs. What about a one-day clinic that starts off with several "horseless riding lesson" experiences to increase awareness of subtle shifts in the rider's posture and movement, then an afternoon spent putting that new knowledge to practice in the saddle? Or a two-day clinic that includes bodywork and groundwork to improve horses' flexibility and self-carriage, plus mounted work that allows riders to feel the benefits of the unmounted work? The choices are only limited by the amount of time you and your friends want to spend learning interesting new concepts and practices!

Clinic/Workshop Sessions - Local (within 40 driving miles of Corona de Tucson, Arizona)
$100/hour of teaching time

Clinic/Workshop Sessions - Regional (Arizona outside Tucson area, New Mexico)
$100/hour of teaching time plus travel expenses (minimum one day)

Clinic/Workshop Sessions - National (continental U.S.) and International
$1000/day plus travel expenses (minimum two days)




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