Horse and Rider Biomechanics Coaching

Perfecting posture for horse riders starts with balance on ground   Rider biomechanics coaching starts on the ground with a series of awareness exercises that draw the student's attention to subtleties of stance. This is an information-gathering process for rider and instructor, helping to establish the student's degree of body awareness and ability to make and feel the tiny changes in position that have a surprisingly profound effect on stability. The goal of this exercise is a feeling that the feet are grounded and the person is able to stand in a comfortable, stable position.
Finding best balance position on horse for rider stability, comfort   Then we take that stability to the saddle, using the same awareness and subtle adjustment to create a feeling of groundedness in the seat. After a few simple awareness checks, riders find the same comfortable, solid feeling sitting on the horse that they achieved on the ground.
Riders practice proper position on horseback  

After the seat is stable, attention turns to adding motion. First we explore how a stable seat allows for easy leg movements that do not disturb balance - those independent leg aids riders work so hard to achieve. Then we add the motion of the horse and explore how to maintain the greatest possible range of motion from that stable seat position. The horse's input becomes invaluable at this point as the rider feels how minute adjustments in body alignment, movement and even breath can change the horse's gait and demeanor in very obvious ways.

 "Stacey has a real gift of being able to sense how my position and aids influence what we are seeing in the horse. She has taught me subtle ways to help my horse carry himself or herself better. She has taught me how to use my breath to establish a firm and effective seat and legs.

  "She gave me a tremendous amount of help with a particularly sensitive mare I was riding by helping me to better understand connection between my hands on the reins, my seat and my legs.

  "Stacey doesn't miss a thing when you are sitting in the saddle. She will try different approaches to the same challenge until horse and rider understand and experience success.

  "I'd recommend Stacey to any level rider - beginner to advanced. She has the knowledge and expertise to meet you and your horse wherever you're at and take you to the next level of partnership."

Juli Lynch, Ph.D
Organizatinal Psychologist
Lake Mills, Wisconsin
Dressage and endurance rider
























Riding with better balance brings comfort to horse, rider   All that's left is for the rider to practice riding in this new stable position. Both the instructor's eye and the horse's gait and demeanor help suggest when the
student is moving freely from a solid base and when she has reverted back to old postural habits that decrease or even stop the movement of the seat.



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