Yoga With Horses

Unmounted yoga exercises with your horse improve balance and flexibility

Explore yoga principles of balance and flexibility for both you and your horse. This program is unique because we provide instruction in yoga for humans along with flexibility and balance exercises for your horse. That's right, yoga with horses and yoga for horses!

Yoga for Equestrians in "paddock dress"Horsewoman and yoga instructor Jenny Kendall of Desert Horse Yoga introduces techniques for humans that include yoga matwork tailored for equestrians, yoga in "paddock dress" and yoga on horseback. Riding instructor Stacey Kollman adds an introductory series of groundwork exercises that promote suppleness and self-carriage for horses.

This work is suitable for all ages and levels of riders - beginners through advanced - and any well-mannered horse can be a great yoga partner. Ground and mounted yoga exercises are gentle and focused on improving body awareness, stability and comfort.

Bringing together you and your horse through yoga deepens your relationship and provides new ways of experiencing movement and balance.

Explore range of motion with mounted yogaYoga With Horses can be taught as a half-day introductory session - either for experienced horsepeople or horse novices - or a full-day clinic or a two-day exploration of balance and connection. Check the schedule for upcoming events or contact us for available dates!

Want more yoga options? Check out our workshop tailored to non-riders. Find out how yoga and horses can help in personal transformation or aid healers in deepening their practices.

Or do a focused kinetic bodywork session and learn ground exercises for your horse. This work is also part of our bodywork clinics for horse owners.


Horses and Riders Love Yoga! See some photos from a Yoga With Horses for Horse Novices retreat!



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